Halolao began its lodging service in UNESCO Heritage Old Town Luang Prabang since year 2006.  Currently we have two Guest Houses, and three Home-Stay lining up to offer the warmest accommodation service to our customers.

With the establishment of different price range of lodging service in the Luang Prabang Old Town, we hope we can fulfill every single need of travelers in either luxury stay or budget stay at their own preferences.

Besides, we are assisting some other guest houses on managing their online booking and reservations, at the same time sharing our hospitality experiences and offering our advices of the management stuffs on their lodging properties. We are currently offering our management advices to two existing guest houses in Luang Prabang, named Inthasak Guest House and Villa Laodeum.

With the vast experiences we have gained over the past 14 years in tourism and hospitality business in Lao, we are now utilizing our experiences offering the best advices in helping the guest houses running their business to the utmost, with only this when the tourists book to stay with us they can ensure in return with the most cheerful and satisfy stay!